Host a Tread-A-Thon

Host a Tread-A-Thon

Hosting a Tread-A-Thon™ is as easy as dedicating a practice or part of your practice.  We invite age group, Masters, summer, youth league, triathletes, learn-to-swim, water aerobics and any other water-based program to support the IWSF cause by hosting a Tread-A-Thon. Please contact us if you want to host a Tread-A-Thon event by emailing us at:

About Tread-A-Thon

Tread-A-Thons are made up of teams, organizations and individuals who raise awareness and donations toward fighting the drowning pandemic by treading water.  Individuals can join an already established campaign. While teams and organizations have the option to join an established campaign or contact us to host their own.  Participating is as easy as dedicating a practice or part of your practice.

Participants float, tread, and raise awareness! 

Raising funds online is easy to do through our online system. Treaders ask for donations from family, friends, neighbors, and businesses while making them aware of the toll drowning takes on children and families globally. Donors make donations in support of preventing drownings online on your personalized donation page.  Half of the donations raised go to your team and half go to the International Water Safety Foundation to help support drowning prevention intervention projects around the world.

Our Focus

The International Water Safety Foundation is focused on raising awareness about the global drowning pandemic, building a culture of learning to swim, and preventing drownings. 

We aim to raise funds for drowning interventions.

Your Involvement

Treading water: tread by yourself, as a team, or host an event and invite others!

Guidelines & Tips
Download: Hosting a Tread-A-Thon

5 Customizable Emails
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3 Facebook Live Ideas
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