Broward County, Florida (USA)

Broward County, Florida
This year on May 15th, Diversity in Aquatics (DAP) gave the Moran Club a fun and educational day to remember. Thaddeus Gamory, DAP Councils Chair, convened a group of aquatic professionals from as far away as California and Philadelphia who engaged 235 members as they rotated through seven stations; Lifeguard/Ocean rescue, drowning prevention, water polo, competitive swimming, triathlon, SCUBA diving and marine science. Each member received a card with the 10 Water Safety Rules as well as a gift bag with coloring books, swim caps and other items. More importantly, they learned about aquatics careers and water safety. THIS WAS ALL DONE WITH NO WATER.

Among the presenters was Miriam, who is a Club Alumni and attended a Club on an army base in Germany. She is a coach and teacher in the D.C. area. Charles Lumpkin is a retired coach, spring board diver and SCUBA diver who runs the record breaking Classroom Under the Sea. Charlie grew up in the Boys Clubs of Philadelphia. Rhonda Marable of Oakland, California is a former member of the US National Water Polo team and currently works for USA Swimming. The Department of Health, American Red Cross, Swim Central, Deerfield Beach Ocean Rescue, BSO and Boca Raton Aquatics Department was also present. The School Board of Broward County recognized DAP with a resolution for International Water Safety Day at their June 9th meeting.